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Jim Babcock
Today made me proud to be an American and gave me a feeling of hope! I pray that we can be the next "greatest generation". I hope people understand the required sacrafice and work that falls on everyone's shoulders, not just the government's.

God bless America, Land that I love!

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Something in one of Colleen's show touched of a section of Hey ya in my head... fortunately, I was able to put the song to it before I lost it and looked it up on youtube.com. I've always liked that video and song and was amused to see this:

There was another song that was pretty much the same, though I'm not sure which was first, but it's makes use of more footage edited in: 

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Below is an excerpt from an article from Men's Health called "Heroes of Health". It underscores something I've always felt as a former boy scout and something I've discussed with a few people recently: That there's something that you gain from being in Boy Scout that sticks with you for your entire life. It's something tenuous, I don't know what to call it, but it's something akin to what they sell in US military comericals that doesn't always show up in veterans... a sort of self reliance or confidence. 

It was heartening to see someone recognize scouting as positive after all these years of it being the butt of jokes and stereotypes. An awful lot of people invest an awful lot of there time to help kids develop into competent young men and I would recommend it to any boy that is willing to invest himself into it.

The Boy Scouts

ScoutsThe Prepared
Names: Justin Mueller, David Steinkruger, Collin Erickson
Occupation: Boy Scouts
How they make a difference: Showing men how to handle a disaster when it strikes

Fifteen-year-old Justin Mueller remembers windows exploding, the roof tearing off, and little else. Last June, winds of up to 165 mph ripped through a Boy Scout camp near Blencoe, Iowa, and did more than demolish the cabin in which some 60 boys crouched for shelter. It shattered lives, too. Four people were killed and 48 hurt, including Mueller, who lay unconscious under a collapsed wall. He had a crushed pelvis, broken jaw, two chipped vertebrae, a bruised lung, and a nearly severed left ear.

With the tornado still roaring ahead of them, campers began excavating each other from the rubble. David Steinkruger, 14, saw Mueller first. Rallying others to lift the toppled wall, he pulled Mueller free. "The rain came in and made the blood flow in streams," Steinkruger says, but Mueller remained his focus. He first held his bare hand to the injured boy's head to keep a gash from bleeding. To help Mueller stay conscious, he kept him talking—an effort made twice as hard because the kid's jaw was so torn apart it would later be wired shut for a week.

When paramedics arrived about 20 minutes later, they saw the same mix of bloodshed and bedlam everywhere. One patrol leader, his injured legs still stuck under debris, attended to nearby scouts' wounds. Others, bleeding and limping, performed CPR and first aid. Fifteen-year-old Collin Erickson, who initially had been trapped under a door, kept others calm so they wouldn't aggravate their injuries—unaware of his own. "After the storm hit, I prayed I'd have the strength to help," says Erickson. Emergency personnel finally told him to stop helping others because his injuries needed treatment.

True to their motto "Be prepared," the boys had been conditioned to become men of action amid chaos. Their repeated rehearsals made first aid an instinct. "You always have to be ready to act," says Erickson. "And if you're not calm, you can't help others."

Take-Home Lesson
In an emergency, don't wait helplessly for the ambulance. A quick refresher: Check the victim's ABCs—airway, breathing, and circulation, says Connie Meyer, R.N., paramedic and director at large for the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. Blocked airways, breathing problems, or uncontrolled blood loss need immediate action. Never been first-aid or CPR certified? No more excuses; go to redcross.org to find a local class.

—by Carolyn Kylstra

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I woke up this morning feeling sentimental after a strange dream. I dreamt that I went back to... well it started out as Camp Chickagami, but at the end it wasn't. I was there for an Order of the Arrow tap out ceremony with the members of my newly old Rangers outpost hoping to be retapped out. It was strange, the rite was at a totally different, the camp was different, but I recognized things that were wrong. I had a drawn out discussion with the guy running things about how thing had changed since I'd been active, whether Camp Chickagami was being taken care of...

Anyhow, I woke up thinking about my past at Camp Chickagami and my memories from Order of the Arrow, wondering happened to people like Bud Smith, Eric Hirsch, Leo Wilheim, Rich from Garrettville, Cory Galatin... Thinking about starting out being awed by the leaders when I first joined and then becoming friends with them and even taking theie places as we got older. Thinking about how even though it was probably only 3-4 years of my life, it seemed like such a long time and permanent thing at the time.

Well anyhow, the kids are up and they are cramping my walk down memory lane...

Order of the Arrow: An internal, secret service organization within Boy Scouts that uses an indian theme. There are Masonic aspects to it structure and ceremony, but it's set up around service to the scouting district and maintaining summer camp facilities. Wanna visualize something scary? How about my pasty white, hairy butt in a loin cloth, face paint and head dress... now I was 70 pounds lighter and slightly less hairy, but ugh *shiver*

Camp Chickagami was/is in Parkman, OH it was the summer camp for the Sequoia district. The OA lodge was Tapawinga... I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, but we had the coolest lodge patches. BSA has since combined three county's disctricts and sold off two of the summer camps, including Chickagami. Chickagami is apparently still a camping facility that is rented out to groups.

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take a picture of yourself right now.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
post that picture with NO editing.
post these instructions with your picture.

Fortunately, I'm not a sheep... though I play one on TV. No wait, I just don't current;y have a webcam hooked up.

I JUST rolled in the door from camping and I'm waiting for the shower. I'm wearing yesterday's T-shirt that I just managed to spill apple sauce down the front. I stink like b/o and wood smoke because their were no showers. My hair is stringy and greasy for the same reason. My sinuses are cake with crud (I suppose you can't see that) and my glasses are no longer entirely clear.

Ah, the shower is quiet... my turn.

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Lisa took Noah and Theodore to practice last night and forgot her book. Since I was in need of a Pepsi and the older boys wanted snacks, I volunteered to help her out. As we turned right into the driveway of the quickie mart just before where we would normally turn left onto the school's street, there was a deputy blocking the left turn lane with it's lights running.

We came out of the store and there were 5+ deputies blocking the whole street down to the next intersection... what the heck. so I walked out to the road edge and there were some protesters carrying signs bitching about McCain's energy policy who said that McCain's bus was coming by. So I stood there wand waited and sure enough, about two minutes later, here come a bunch of local yokels, deputies and nondescript SUVs with guys in suits with McCain's bus in the middle... so I stuck my tongue out at it and blew raspberries at the press cars. I wish I'd have thought to do moose antlers, but I didn't. That may have been a good thing, you know, secret service and all :).
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I hadn't thought of bjork in a long time, but one of the segues on Family Guy brought her up. Peter was on a games show and had to guess whether a voice was Bjork or Bobcat Goldthwaite. It was obviously Seth Green imitating Bobcat, but Peter got it wrong when they said it was Bjork. Of course the kids didn't get the reference, so I looked up Human Behavior.

I'd forgotten how much I liked that song. I bought the disc when it was new, but other than that song, it was too lounge-y for my taste. Someone suggested the Sugar Cubes, but I couldn't past the over-the-top Fred What's-his-name from B-52 type guy. Maybe she has a greatest hits that would work for me.
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This reminded me of my friends Crankygirl and Kevin:

I like dikes

That was a strange random thought as I was unpacking boxes and found that diagonal cutters (dikes to an electrician) could cut packing tape and do most other things I needed to do while unpacking and fit in my pocket without closing or maiming my leg.

speaking of the move...

I've made two trips back to Mineral Ridge and got most of the things I wanted done, done with the exception of having GM's home inspector back. That one really pissed me off. It was really apparent that when he went through the house the first time... while I was at work... he was just lazy and marked things down that he didn't understand or check out. Between a neighbor painting and repairing and my family and Elaine cleaning, I think it's ready to put on the market.

We are about 75% unpacked and are in that dangerous place were we have found most of the things that we need or value, but still have many boxes, scary boxes, to unpack. I have one of my project cars down here and it's sitting in the drive way. I need to get the garage unpacked so I can get it and the Avanti in there when it comes. We are in a dangerous place where we can function on daily basis without the remaining stuff and getting worn down keeping up with five kids and being def up with unpacking. Fortunately, we really don't have space to permanently store things.

Time to find a job

I'm getting serious about finding a new job. I put out about a dozen resumes for positions that where in line with where I was before we left Detroit... More of a senior developer/solution architect/team leader. This round is stuff that's strictly within my comfort/confidence zone and if any of them work out, I should be able to significantly boost my pay (when I finally found a job in Youngstown, it was at 50% cut in pay). This would be a real boon. Our household expenses after the move are essentially the same, so any raise would be money that could be spent on fun stuff.

It seems that a lot of people want PHP experience, so I'm working on building a web app to show in it. AT&T escorted me out of the building when gave them my notice. I should have realized that would happen, but I was caught unaware and have no code to show for myself. Hopefully this will get me some new skillz, stop the skillz I do have from rusting and represent me to a new employer.

When it comes to web apps, I'm not an expert in OOP or MVC, but I have read up on it and try to use these concepts in my code. I've been pretty successful doing this with the NEOpS apps and it worked well. I had to go back at a couple points to fix things that had been running for 6 months to a year without intervention (someone upstream invariably changed something without warning) and never had an issue repairing it. So now I have to figure out how to make this happen in the context of a new language and an environment that I don't control (my ISP). So far, so good. I've got PHP running and querying MySQL. But now I need to build objects around my DB tables and figure out how put them in libraries or whatever the equivalent is PHP. (Any pointer from any PHP gurus would be welcome.)

Part of me wants to stick to Perl, but I've been using Mason and I don't think I could get it installed by my ISP. I'd also like learning to use a frame work like Catalyst to do MVC "correctly", but I think what is correct changes and get confused. Catalyst and Mason are supposed to cover their respective layers of MVC, but there is so much overlap at the edges, I'm not really sure what goes where. Their docs don't really help because they tend to be really tailored to the specific example/components/methodologies they are using. Another situation where an entire community seems to know how to do this and I was off somewhere napping.

I really wish I had been able to bring the NEOps app with me, I was quite proud of it. One of the best compliments I've gotten in a while was when my new AT&T manager's tech guru was oohing and aahing over it and asked me who the vendor was, thinking it was a large team effort.

Football, you bet

Theodore and Noah are starting football. Last year when Noah said he was interested, I didn't think he could take the abuse. But this year, I think I may have been wrong. He's changed and toughened up a lot. He still whine and yells to get his way entirely too much, but he's been rough housing with Theodore a lot more. I've see 6yo Noah grapple/tackle 10yo Theodore and take him down more than once. They been to a pair of conditioning sessions each and Mom reports that Noah was focused and capable each time. Theodore is Theodore: he's not the biggest or fastest, but he tries his heart out, has a bit of talent and maybe a bit advanced compared to a lot of the kids because he's always tried so hard to keep up with his older brothers.

well, that's enough for now... when I get something interesting down with my app, I'll let you play with it.


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So, I'm sitting in my new living room, surfing on my new $299, cyrix CPUed, gOS (ubuntu) running internet appliance and thought I should do an update.

I'd planned to head back this morning and do work on the old house to get it ready to sell, but Lisa is back to work and the new nanny needed to give two weeks notice... so I'm the nanny. Look for lapses in sanity.

I still need to go back, probably on the weekends for the time being, but this weekend there is camping with the rangers. I really don't want to miss it as it will be the last harrah with the old crew. My father-inlaw wants to trailer one of the cars back this Saturday, though. I'm not sure how that will work. Maybe we can go to the camp out on Friday,he can pick me up on Saturday (it's on the way), we can get the car, drop me off on the way back and we can unload when we were back. That will probably put his nose out of join, somehow, but oh well...

Alright, lunch is here and the movers are back to work, so I'd better pay attention.

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